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Creative Expression
Advanced Candle Making Techniques

Our brand was born from generations of handcrafting, woodworking, painting, and candle-making, so we know a thing or two about the value of artistic expression. Our Novelty Experiences invites you to transform wax into unique realistic candles inspired by our favorite themes—food, decadent sweets and desserts, refreshing beverages, seasonal nostalgia, and household décor.  

Each month, we introduce an exclusive new candle design, giving you the opportunity to roll up your sleeves and explore advanced candle-making techniques in this unique educational and playful experience.


What To Expect From
The Novelty Experience

Candle of the Month - Available Sunday through Thursday

Each month, we introduce a new candle design that guests can create, ensuring there's always something new to learn and explore. Whether we start the new year off with a celebratory coffee-scented espresso martini candle or a banana split that looks good enough to eat, there's a novelty candle in our line-up that will ignite your creative spark. Who doesn't want to add a succulent terrarium or bowl of ramen to their candle collection?  

View our calendar of our monthly novelty candle offerings. 

January Espresso Martini
We like to celebrate the beginning of the new year with a little burst of our favorite caffeinated boozy beverage, the espresso martini. Choose our espresso latte scent for the java buzz your nose will appreciate.

This heart-shaped pink frosted cake smells like strawberry and vanilla, and is adorned with strawberries and multicolored sprinkles.

March Succulent Terrarium
A chic life-like succulent terrarium candle that adds both greenery and glamour to your décor, without the need for watering.

April Bubble Tea
Add wax tapioca balls to the bottom of your beverage in a portion that matches your typical milk tea bubble tea order.

May Margarita
Dye your drink to match your favorite margarita flavor, add a rim of crystalized salt, and choose your own fruity garnishes. Top it off with the umbrella of your choice and let the tropical summer vibes begin!

June Bowl of Ramen
A mouthwatering bowl of ramen that’s a feast for the eyes, not the taste buds. Choose from 60+ fragrance oils from our Scent Library to create a sweet, savory, or earthy broth.

Indulge in a traditional Neapolitan banana split with a realistic assortment of ice cream toppings.

August Fish Bowl
Craft your own aquatic fish bowl, complete with vibrant sea life and ocean rocks.

The most popular fall beverage, the Pumpkin Spice Latte, smells of pumpkin spice and is topped with a vanilla scented whipped cream and a dash of cinnamon.

Bring a bit of haunting elegance into your home décor with this enchanting graveyard scene with a sprinkle of skulls, tombstones, bats and more.

A seasonal delight that will have you replicating traditional baking techniques like whipping, piping, and decorating.

December Christmas Tree
Our owner Dave made this candle with his father during his childhood, inspiring the concept of novelty candle making at Cork & Candles. This nostalgic candle brings holiday cheer and a smile to everyone.


Our Most Popular Candle
The Cereal Bowl

Our Cereal Bowl candle is inspired by the colorful cereal O's of a childhood favorite—you know which one we're talking about. Due to its high demand, we offer this novelty candle making class every week throughout the year. Choose our recommended scent or explore our Scent Library to create your own sweet and sugary "milk base".

Available Sunday through Thursday.


We're BYOB
Cheers With Us!

We embrace a BYOB policy—Bring Your Own Beverages. Whether it's a bottle of your favorite bubbly, or a rich Cab Sav, bring what you love to elevate your candle-making session.

Cups are provided, however, we do not have ice or utensils available.